Based in Mauritania, in the port of Nouadhibou, we bring our consumers high-quality frozen fish, responsibly and sustainably produced. Learn more about our expertise and the values that drive us.


A sustainable and effective partnership

To deliver high-quality frozen fish, we have been relying on the decades of experience of Cornelis Vrolijk since our establishment in 2017,
a Dutch family owned fishing company

Working alongside our partners, we implement an innovative fishing approach in Mauritania that is exclusively intended for human consumption. For you, our commitment to quality comes in several forms:
  • We preserve and respect the products caught : through scientific partnerships, fisheries management, control and monitoring of catches.
  • We are committed to our consumers : our quality standards enable us to produce the highest quality products for all our consumers.
  • Our teams, men and women in our offices, factories and vessels, are crucial : we are keen to make them proud of their work and to create rewarding and long-term jobs.
CBP is initiated by Cornelis Vrolijk’s CSR plan, see link:
Our sustainability strategy | Cornelis Vrolijk


A commitment to the future

Cap Blanc Pélagique was founded with a firm and ambitious goal in mind:
  • We make nutritious seafood of excellent quality available to the people of Mauritania and Africa with fish from our Mauritanian waters
  • We create an example for fishing for human consumption in Mauritania and encourage a responsible and sustainable fishing activity
Through sharing our knowledge, skills, quality management and process technology , we are focusing on improving the future of the small pelagics sector in Mauritania, and as a result the future of Mauritania and Mauritanians.


An international influence

Our factory controls the entire production process. We supply the national and West African market with frozen small pelagics. Our main species are sardines, mackerel (colias), and horse mackerel.

Through substantial investments, we have created in Nouadhibou our factory:
  • Our freezing system is one of the most innovative
  • Our efforts to improve our products are continuous
  • Our rigorous quality processes are widely recognised
  • In Mauritania and beyond our borders, our products are highly appreciated


Modernity and quality above all

We love our job, and we are proud to work for products that are intended for human consumption. This is our goal.

From preparation to packaging, everything is organised to produce products with unparalleled taste and nutritional value:
  • Freshness
    Fish refrigeration at sea and control of the cold chain until freezing in our factory and storage in our coldstore at minus 20 degrees.
  • Conformity
    Several stages of sorting and controls, both manual and mechanised, to ensure that our quality standards of Cornelis Vrolijk are reached at all times.
  • Traceability
    Transparent information of the fish origin, date of production is printed on our products,
We ensure an exceptional product from the sea to the consumer.


A social and professional ambition

We rely on our people who share a commitment to excellence.

We care for people by providing a safe and attractive working environment, embracing employee engagement and creating value for local communities in Nouadhibou.

This mindset is achieved through:

  • The well-being of our employees By implementing working conditions and salaries among the best in Mauritania and sustain a decent living for our employees and their families.
  • Job creation By not systematically automating workstations with machines, in favour of job creation and a human production chain.
  • Skills training By learning hygiene and quality skills and develop career paths within and between our different activities.
We continuously check if we keep fulfilling comply with all human and labor rights by monitoring compliance to labour legislation and, working on implementation of HR-standards in all our operations


A model for building unity around a promising market

Developing and preserving our industry of small pelagics in Mauritania is a team effort.
With the commitment of all, consumers as well as political and institutional bodies, we will relentlessly pursue our ideal, to continue fishing for you.

Who we are

Cornelis Vrolijk is a family business founded in the Netherlands in 1880. The international family of companies in the group today is active in the catching, farming and processing of fish, always with the objective of offering a high-quality and sustainable product for human consumption. Including partnerships, Cornelis Vrolijk employs over 2,000 people worldwide.
Société Mauritanienne d'Armement Pélagique SARL (SMAP) has been Cornelis Vrolijk's local agent for more than 20 years and serves as the local representative for the Group's freezer trawlers, which operate in Mauritanian waters within the framework of the UE-Mauritanie Fisheries Partnership Agreement. SMAP also provides agency services in other fishing sectors.
Cap Blanc Pelagique SARL (CBP)
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